Buena Familia GMA Pinoy TV Show

Buena Familia GMA Pinoy TV Show:

Buena Familia is a flippo family teleserye. This serial is directed by Gil C Tejada and Starring are Kylie Padilla, Julie Anne San Jose, Martin Del Rosario, Julian Trono and Jake Vargas. This Drama was premiered on July 28, 2015 by the GMA Network and world wide broadcasted. Buena Familia was replaced with the top rating drama serial Yagit espeically on afternoon block. If we look at the ploy of this serial, here is very wealthy family in this teleserye and Aruthur Buena has an business setup relating to the investment advertisement. His wife is always indulged in the social activities and she has three daughters Celine and faye and Darling one Son Edwin. They all are attening the school. You can imagine here about the Buena perfect family setup. In this family on another person was going to be added named as Josephine carter an famer assistant to the Arthur’s secret mistress. Josephine has completely changed the life of Buena. Bettina was very sensitive in her nature and she was unable to face such a painful scene of here life. So ultimately she cut off the childrens.

Buena Familia
In this way Josephine take over the hold of Beuna Family. He also transferred some of the property in her name. So after getting situation poor Celine the firsborn daughter tried to build up her family again. It is also informed to you that Josephine also drove to the Celine, Edwin, Faye and Darling separated from each other. Celine want to be with her family. So this way Celine tried her best to rebuild her family. Celine was very excited to gather her family members. She was shocked when comes to know that she was adopted. But Celine faced all of the situation and ultimately she gathered her true parents.

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